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The Alex Rider Series

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The Alex Rider series of spy novels for kids by Anthony Horowitz is full of action packed thrills. It follows fourteen year old Alex Rider as he works as a spy for the British Intelligence Agency MI6. Alex is very much a teenage James Bond with gadgets and the skills to match.


At the start of the first book Alex's Uncle Ian is killed. Alex soon finds out that Ian was not who he thought he was, but actually a spy for MI6. MI6 wants Alex to pick up where Ian left off and help them to stop Harold Sayle and his nefarious computer Stormbreaker.

In each book Alex takes on another criminal mastermind. He has to use his athletic ability, intelligence, and high tech gadgets from MI6 scientist Smithers in order to accomplish his missions. Kids will enjoy the fast pace of the series, especially boys ages 11-15.

Major Characters

  • Alex Rider - The main character, don't let his young age fool you, Alex is a multi-talented secret agent. Alex's skills include martial arts, multiple extreme sports, and he is fluent in 4 languages.
  • Jack Starbright - Alex's legal guardian. She originally helped around the house, but became more involved in raising Alex when his uncle died.
  • Sabina Pleasure - Alex's girlfriend. They have a tough time with Alex always getting pulled away for missions.
  • Alan Blunt - Head of MI6. He is very cold and doesn't seem to care much about Alex.
  • Mrs. Jones - Alan Blunts deputy. Mrs. Jones tries to keep Alan Blunt in line and keep Alex somewhat safe.
  • Smithers - Technology guru and maker of cool gadgets for the MI6 agents. Smithers enjoys making gadgets for Alex and seems to want to help him.
Books in the Alex Rider Series
  • Stormbreaker (2000)
  • Point Blank (2001)
  • Skeleton Key (2002)
  • Eagle Strike (2003)
  • Scorpia (2004)
  • Ark Angel (2005)
  • Snakehead (2007)
  • Crocodile Tears (2009)
  • Scorpia Rising (2011)
Several of the books have graphic novels as well.

Suggested reading level: Ages 11-15

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