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Math Challenge Game

Challenge yourself and move up in difficulty and math functions with this fun math game.
Fun Math Challenge Game
Math Times Tables Game

Learn your multiplication and times tables with this fun math game.
Fun Math Times Tables Game

Destroy your opponent's battleship in this fun classic game.
Battleship game
Typing Game

Type the letters before they drop to the bottom. See how many levels you can beat.
Africa Geography Game

See if you can locate the countries of Africa on our map in the fewest guesses.

Take on this challenging puzzle game by trying move the blocks out of the way.
4096 Math Puzzle Game

See if you can reach 4096 in this addictive math puzzle game.
Word Me Puzzle Game

Make all the words you can in a time limit using letters from a matrix. You can draw words in any direction.

Take on the computer in the ultimate challenge game of chess.
Chess game

Play a fun game of checkers and practice so you can beat your friends.
Checkers game
Mathdoku Puzzle Game

Solve the this challenging puzzle game by filling in the grid and using your math skills.
Fast Math in Outer Space Game

Use your mathematics skills in addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication to defeat the enemy ships.
Concentration Game

Match the pictures in a low time and work on your memory.
Concentration Game
Music Matching Game

Match the musical notes in the time allowed.
Dots Logic Game

Try to complete more boxes and work on your logic skills.
Logic Game
Fast Math Game

How fast can you solve math problems? Find out in this fun math game.
math game
Guess the Country

Practice your world geography knowledge with this guess the country game.
Country Game

Will you let the man get hanged or will you guess the word in time?
hangman game
Geography Hangman

Pick your continent, then try to guess the word before the the hangman is drawn.
hangman game
Number Puzzle

Try out your puzzle skills in rearranging the numbers in order. It'a harder than it looks!
Number Puzzle

Great logical numbers game gaining popularity everywhere. Try this version of Sudoku with lots of good game features.
Typing Game

How fast can you type? Take on your friends in the typing challenge game.
typing game

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