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The Ramona Quimby Series by Beverly Cleary is a fun and silly series about a young girl, Ramona Quimby, growing up on Klickitat Street in Portland, Oregan. The series begins with Ramona in Kindergarten. As the title of the first book suggests, Ramona can be a bit of a pest. However, she really just wants to be nice and do well. Her imagination and gusto sometimes gets the best of her. The series continues to follow Ramona as she moves up grades in school. By the third book she is entering the second grade. She still manages to get into all sorts of trouble and interesting situations. In this book her dad has lost his job and is looking for a new career. Romona and her dad go through some trials, but together they are able to still have fun and get through them with love and silliness.

In later books Ramona deals with a new little sister, Roberta, and growing older as she is in the fourth grade by Ramona's World.

This series grew out of the Henry Huggins Series of books where Ramona appears as one of Henry's friends. Those books are listed below as well.

Overall Review

We love the series of Ramona Quimby books. They are fun, silly, and touching all at the same time. Although the books can be enjoyed by most anyone of any age, they will be especially appealing to girls ages 5-10.

Major Characters Books in the Ramona Quimby series

Suggested Reading level: Ages 8-12

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