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The Redwall Series by Brian Jacques tells the story of the animals that live in and around Redwall Abby. Each book in the series has its own story with its own set of heroes and their epic adventures. The books are fantasy, but there isn't a lot of magic or monsters. The magic is in the epic tale, the quests, the heroes, and the battles. The monsters are evil animals like rats and snakes.


In the original book, Redwall, the evil ruler of the rats, Cluny, has decided to take over Redwall Abby. Matthias, a young mouse, takes on the quest to retrieve the legendary lost sword of Martin in order to save the peaceful residents of Redwall. He fights various foes on his quest and gains ally's and friends.

In each book there is typically a champion who must perform a quest to save the innocent. There are distinct good species of animals and bad ones. For example, good and noble animals are mice, squirrels, badgers, and birds. Evil animals include rats, snakes, ferrets, and foxes. These animals battle throughout the series for the possession and rule of Redwall.

Major Characters

There are many more characters in Redwall. Each book has it's heroes and villains. Heroes come from the good animals like mice and squirrels, while the villains come from the evil animals like snakes and rats.

Books in the Redwall Series
Suggested Reading Level: 9-13

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