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Classroom pets have a view of a classroom like no other. A view that many of us would like to see. Thanks to a cute hamster named Humphrey, we get this chance. These are wonderful books to be read aloud. Each chapter is episodic and leaves the children wanting more. Each chapter is also ends with a useful tip from Humphrey himself. The author is Betty G. Birney.


The first book in the series introduces us to Humphrey, Mrs. Brisbane (the teacher) and a cast of characters including classmates, Mr. Morales the principal and even the lovable school custodian Aldo. Through Humphrey's eyes we learn about how what we see at school is a reflection of what may be going on at home. Humphrey narrates the story between days in the classroom and weekend visits at home with one of the students. Humphrey is quite a problem solver too. Using "the lock that doesn't lock" he is able to help his human friends with their troubles.

In book 2, Friendship According to Humphrey, there is a new classroom pet. Humphrey is at first very jealous of his new classroom companion, but soon learns how to make friends. Humphrey also continues his weekend visits to the classmates' homes and helps them with their friendship problems as well.

The adventures continue in the third book, Trouble According to Humphrey. Humphrey's favorite student friend "Golden Miranda" is blamed when Humphrey is found outside of his cage. The trouble continues as "Don't Complain Mandy Payne" tries to get Humphrey banished from the classroom forever.

A hamster ball, a menacing cat, and a disappearing friend (Aldo the custodian) are just some of the surprises that occur in the fourth book of the series, Surprises According to Humphrey. How will Humphrey handle all of these surprises and many more?

Humphrey lives the life of adventure in Adventure According to Humphrey. The classmates have joined a boat racing completion and Humphrey sets sail on pirate adventures. Is there a treasure to be found? Can it be summer vacation already? In Summer According to Humphrey, Humphrey joins his classmates at summer camp and the camp adventures begin. There are lots of new dangers for a small hamster like Humphrey but also lessons in friendship too.

The books in the series are:
Suggested Reading level: Ages 8-12

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