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Beverly Cleary

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Beverly Cleary is an author of Kids Books which are known for their colorful characters. She's won a number of awards for her children's books including several Newbery Awards. Some of her most notable characters include Ramona Quimby, Henry Huggins, Ribsy, and Ralph Mouse.

Where did Beverly Cleary grow up?

Beverly was born on April 12, 1916 in McMinnville, Oregon. She lived in a small town in Oregon called Yamhill. Yamhill was so small that it didn't have a library. However, Beverly's mother ran a small library of her own from books she got from the state library. This is where Beverly got her love for reading and books.

How did she get into writing?

Later Beverly's family moved to a bigger city Portland, Oregon. At a library in Portland a librarian suggested that Beverly should write Kids Books someday. Although she was only in third grade at the time, this inspired her and it became her dream.

Beverly went to college to become a librarian graduating from the University of Washington with a library science degree. As a librarian, she found that children were trying to find books about kids like themselves. She then started working on her first book about a regular kid called Henry Huggins. It was published in 1950.

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