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Art History and Artists

Timeline of Western Art

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Note: some of the movement dates are approximate and overlap with each other.

Gothic Art (1150 - 1400)

1305: Giotto paints the interior of the Scrovegni Chapel

Early Renaissance (1400 - 1450)

1482: Botticelli paints his masterpiece La Primavera

High Renaissance (1480 - 1520)

1501 - 1504: Michelangelo creates the statue of David
1503 - 1506: Leonardo da Vinci Paints the Mona Lisa
1508 - 1512: Michelangelo paints the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
1509 - 1510: Rafael paints the School of Athens

Mannerism (1520 - 1580)

Northern Renaissance (1430 - 1520)

Baroque Art (1600 - 1700)

1600: Caravaggio paints The Calling of Saint Matthew using light and shadow to dramatize the moment

Dutch Golden Age (1620 - 1670)

1642: Rembrandt paints The Night Watch

Rococo Art (1700 - 1775)

Neo-classicism (1750 - 1880)

1793: The Louvre Museum in Paris, France opens for the first time.
1799: Lithography is invented by Austrian printer Alois Senefelder

Romanticism (1765 - 1850)

1814: Francisco Goya paints The Third of May 1808 as a protest to war
1818: Casper David Friedrich paints The Wanderer

Realism (1840 - 1880)

1857: Jean Francois Millet paints The Gleaners showing the backbreaking work of women in the fields

Pre-Rafaelites (1848 - 1854)

Impressionism (1870 - 1900)

1872: Claude Monet paints Impression: Sunrise
1874: Radical young French artists hold their own art exhibition and are dubbed "Impressionists"
1876: Pierre-Auguste Renoir paints Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette

Pointillism (1884 - 1900)

1884: Georges Seurat and Paul Signac begin to develop a style of painting using dots of pure color which would later be called Pointillism
1886: Seurat reveals his masterpiece Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Post-Impressionism (1885 - 1910)

1889: Vincent van Gogh paints Starry Night while in an asylum in France.
1889: Auguste Rodin finishes the sculpture The Burghers of Calais
1890: Van Gogh dies from a self-inflicted bullet wound

Fauvism (1904 - 1908)

1905: The term "Fauves" is first used by an art critic to describe the artists exhibiting at the Salon D'Automne art show

Expressionism (1905 - Present)

Cubism (1910 - 1930)

1911: The first organized show of artists from the Cubist art movement is displayed.
1921: Pablo Picasso paints Three Musicians, a classic example of Synthetic Cubism

Abstract Art (1910 - Present)

1910: Kandinsky begins to experiment with paintings that have only shapes and colors.
1947: Jackson Pollock begins to use "drip painting" to create his artworks

Surrealism (1920 - Present)

1924: The Surrealist Manifesto is released.
1931: Salvador Dali paints The Persistence of Memory, perhaps the most famous Surrealist painting

Pop Art (1950 - 1970)

1962: Andy Warhol paints Campbell's Soup Cans

Postmodernist Art (1980 - Present)

2004: Pablo Picasso's painting Garcon a la pipe is sold for $104 million.

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History >> Art History


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