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Williams Sisters

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Two of the best women tennis players in the world today are sisters, Venus Williams and Serena Williams. Both of the Williams sisters have been ranked Number 1 in the world at some point in their tennis career.

Venus Williams

Venus Williams born on June 17th 1980 in Lynwood, California, is a year older than her sister. Venus is arguably the best grass court tennis player of the 21st century. She has won the major grass court championship, Wimbledon, five times since 2000. Venus has a great all around tennis game, but her greatest weapon is her powerful serve. She has arguably the most feared serve in women's tennis today. Venus also makes great use of her height and long reach to get to balls that most players can't reach.

Serena Williams was born on September 26th, 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan. She may be the more well-rounded player winning less on grass than her sister, but more on other surfaces like clay and hard court. Serena also possesses a powerful serve and plays the baseline with the best in tennis. Serena was the last tennis player to hold all 4 Grand Slam titles at the same time.

What championships has Venus won?

In singles tennis Venus Williams has over forty career titles including 5 Wimbledon Championships, 2 US Opens, an Olympic Gold Medal, and a WTA championship.

In doubles tennis Venus has twenty career titles including 5 at Wimbledon, 2 US Opens, 2 French Opens, 4 Australian Opens, and 2 Olympic Gold medals.

What championships has Serena won?

In singles tennis Serena Williams has well over fifty career titles including 5 Wimbledon Championships, 2 French Opens, 4 US Opens, 5 Australian Opens, 3 WTA championships, and the 2012 Gold medal.

In doubles tennis Serena has 13 career titles including 5 at Wimbledon, 2 US Opens, 2 French Opens, 4 Australian Opens, and 2 Olympic Gold medals.

Have the sisters ever played each other?

Venus and Serena have played each other several times during their professional careers. As of this article they had played 24 times with Serena holding a 14-10 record against her sister. Several of their meetings have come in the championships of major Grand Slam tournaments.

Fun Facts about the Williams Sisters

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