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Annika Sorenstam is one of the greatest women's golfers of all time. No matter what list of records you look at, whether tournament wins, scoring records, or money winnings, you will find Annika at or near the top.

Where did Annika Sorenstam grow up?

Annika was born in Bro, Sweden which is near Stockholm on October 9, 1970. She grew up in a family that loved sports. Annika played tennis, football (soccer), and was an excellent skier. The first sport she focused on competitively was tennis. Both Annika and her sister, Charlotta, played tennis. Annika rose as high as 12th in the Swedish Junior rankings before she got frustrated with the game and quit. That's when she decided to pursue golf.

Did Annika go to college?

As Annika's golf game improved, she began to be noticed. She got a scholarship to play at the University of Arizona. Her first year there she won the individual NCAA championship. She was the first freshman and the first foreigner to do so. She was also Co-National Player of the Year.

Annika and the LPGA

Annika started off great in the LPGA and never looked back. Her rookie year she had three top 10 finishes including a tie for second in the British Open. She won the LPGA Rookie of the Year award. From there Annika went on to become the greatest LPGA golfer in history. At the time she retired she had tour winnings of $22 million. This was $8 million more than the next closest golfer.

Highlights of Annika's Golf Career Fun Facts about Annika Sorenstam
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