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Thanksgiving Jokes

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Q: Why did pilgrims' pants always fall down?
A: Because they wore their belt buckle on their hat!

Q: How did they send the turkey through the mail?
A: Bird class!

Q: What happened when the turkey got into a fight?
A: He got the stuffing knocked out of him!

Q: Who isn't hungry on Thanksgiving?
A: The turkey, because he's already stuffed!

Q: Who was the drummer in the Thanksgiving band?
A: The turkey, because he had the drumsticks!

Q: What type of key is not good for opening doors?
A: A Tur-key!

Q: What kind of car did the Pilgrim drive?
A: A Plymouth

Q: Why should you never set the turkey next to the desert?
A: Because he will gobble, gobble it up!

Q: Why do students always do so poorly after Thanksgiving?
A: Because everything gets marked down after the holidays!

Q: What always comes at the end of Thanksgiving?
A: The G

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