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Bird Jokes

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Q: What do you give a sick bird?
A: Tweetment!

Q: What is black and white and black and white and black and white and...?
A: A penguin falling down the stairs!

Q: When does a teacher carry birdseed?
A: When there is a parrot-teacher conference!

Q: What is a polygon?
A: A dead parrot!

Q: What kind of bird works at a construction site?
A: The crane!

Q: Why does a flamingo lift up one leg?
A: Because if it lifted both legs it would fall over!

Q: Why do birds fly south in the winter?
A: Because it's too far to walk!

Q: What did the sick chicken say?
A: Oh no! I have the people-pox!

Q: What do you call a funny chicken?
A: A comedi-hen

Q: Why do scientists think humming birds hum?
A: Because they can't remember the words!

Q: What bird is always depressed?
A: The blue jay

Q: Why do seagulls like to live by the sea?
A: Because if they lived by the bay they would be bagels!

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