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Thursday, October 08th 2015


1956   Baseball pitcher Don Larsen pitches the first perfect game in World Series history

1957   The Dodgers announce they are going to move from Brooklyn, New York to Los Angeles, California

2001   The US Office of Homeland Security is established.

2004   TV hostess Martha Stewart goes to jail for insider trading.

Famous Birthdays:

1895   Juan Peron (President of Argentina)

1943   R. L. Stine (Author - Goosebumps Series)

1949   Sigourney Weaver (Actress)

1955   Bill Elliott (Nascar Driver)

1970   Matt Damon (Actor)

1993   Angus T. Jones (Actor Two and a Half Men)

1997   Bella Thorne (Actress Shake it Up!)


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