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Today in History

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017


1894   First playoff game for Hockey's Stanley Cup

1960   The laser is invented

1963   The Beatles release their first album; Please, Please, Me

1993   Intel ships the first Pentium chips

1995   Cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov returns after setting a record for 438 days in space

Famous Birthdays:

1459   Maximilian I (Holy Roman Emperor)

1599   Anthony van Dyck (Dutch painter)

1908   Louis L'Amour (Author of westerns)

1923   Marcel Marceau (Famous mime)

1931   William Shatner (Actor Captain Kirk on Star Trek)

1948   Andrew Lloyd Weber (Composer of Cats and Phantom of the Opera)

1952   Bob Costas (Sports Anchor)

1959   Matthew Modine (Actor)

1972   Elvis Stajko (Figure Skater)

1976   Reese Witherspoon (Actress)


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