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Today in History

Thursday, September 18th 2014


1502   Christopher Columbus lands at Costa Rica on his final voyage.

1793   Construction begins on the US Capitol building. The first cornerstone is set by George Washington.

1812   A huge fire in Moscow destroys 90% of the houses and over 1,000 churches.

1830   In a fun race, a horse beats the first U.S. made locomotive.

1965   Mickey Mantle plays in his 2000th baseball game.

1970   Guitarist Jimi Hendrix dies of an overdose of sleeping pills.

Famous Birthdays:

53   Trajan (Roman Emperor)

1905   Greta Garbo (Actress)

1959   Ryne Sandberg (Baseball Player)

1971   Jada Pinkett-Smith (Actress)

1971   Lance Armstrong (Cyclist)

1973   James Marsden (Actor - X-Men Movies)

1976   Ronaldo (Brazilian footballer)

1979   Allison Lohman (Actress)


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