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Today in History

Friday, October 31st 2014


1517   Martin Luther posts his 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg.

1864   Nevada is admitted as the 36th U.S. state.

1892   The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is first published.

1922   Benito Mussolini becomes the youngest Premier in the history of Italy.

1926   Magician Harry Houdini dies after his appendix ruptured.

Famous Birthdays:

1632   Jan Vermeer (Dutch Painter)

1795   John Keats (English Poet)

1860   Juliette Low (Girl Scout founder)

1887   Chiang Kai-shek (Leader of Chinese Nationalist Government)

1931   Dan Rather (News Anchor)

1950   John Candy (Comedian)

1961   Peter Jackson (Director of Lord of the Rings Movies)

2000   Willow Smith (Actress and Singer)


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