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Today in History

Wednesday, October 01st 2014


1908   Ford first introduces the groundbreaking Model T car.

1949   Mao Zedong declares The People's Republic of China

1961   Roger Maris hits his 61st home run in a season. This record will stand for some time.

1962   Johnny Carson becomes the host of The Tonight Show. He will host for 30 years.

1971   Walt Disney World opens in Orlando, Florida,

1977   Brazilian soccer star Pele retires.

1982   EPCOT Center opens at Walt Disney World

Famous Birthdays:

1207   Henry III (King of England)

1903   Vladimir Horowitz (Pianist)

1920   Walter Mattheau (Actor)

1924   Jimmy Carter (39th US President)

1935   Julie Andrews (Singer Actress - Sound of Music)

1950   Randy Quaid (Actor)

1963   Mark McGwire (Baseball Player)

1969   Gwen Stefani (Singer)

1980   Anquon Boldin (Football Player)


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