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Today in History

Tuesday, February 14th 2017


1876   Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone

1918   The movie Tarzan of the Apes is released

1924   IBM corporation founded

2000   First spacecraft orbits an asteroid

Famous Birthdays:

1859   George Ferris (Invented the Ferris Wheel)

1894   Jack Benny (Actor)

1913   Jimmy Hoffa (Labor Union Leader)

1921   Hugh Downs (TV News Anchor)

1934   Florence Henderson (Actress)

1942   Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York City)

1946   Gregory Hines (Dancer and Actor)

1972   Drew Bledsoe (Football Player)


Want to know who was born on your birthday? What happened on your birthday? Select the month and day to see more fun and historical events and famous birthdays for that date:

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