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Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman was first introduced in DC Comics' All Star Comics #8 in December 1941. She was created by William Marston and Harry Peter.

What are Wonder Woman's powers?

Wonder Woman has superior strength, speed, and agility. She can fly and is trained in hand-to-hand combat. She also had the ability to talk to animals. In addition to her natural superpowers she has some great gear, too:

  • Indestructible bracelets - used to block bullets or other weapons.
  • Lasso-of-truth - used to force someone lassoed by it to tell the truth.
  • Invisible plane - although Wonder Woman can fly without her plane she uses her plane to fly into outer space.
  • Tiara - Her tiara can be used as a projectile knocking enemies out or tripping them up.
How did she get her powers?

Wonder Woman is an Amazon and was granted her powers by the Greek gods in particular Aphrodite who created the Amazons. It is said that much of her strength comes from her training and channeling her mental powers into physical abilities.

Who is Wonder Woman's alter ego?

Wonder Woman is Princess Diana of the Amazon island Themyscira. She is daughter of Queen Hippolyta. During World War II a US Army airplane crash landed on the island. Diana helps nurse the pilot, officer Steve Trevor, back to health and then takes on the identity of Wonder Woman when she returns with Steve to help men defeat the Axis powers.

Who are Wonder Woman's enemies?

Wonder Woman has faced a number of enemies over the years. Some of her enemies are Greek gods while others want to hurt the environment. Many of her primary enemies have been women including her arch-enemy Cheetah as well as Circe, Dr. Cyber, Giganta, and the Silver Swan. Other major enemies include the Greek god of war Ares, Dr. Psycho, Egg Fu, and Angle Man.

Fun Facts about Wonder Woman
  • Wonder Woman is part of DC Comics' Justice League.
  • Lynda Carter starred as Wonder Woman in the TV Series.
  • The idea for a female superhero came from William Marston's wife Elizabeth.
  • In 1972 Wonder Woman was the first standalone on the cover of Ms. Magazine.
  • At one point she gave up her powers to live in Man's world and run a boutique. She later recovered her powers.
  • Different Greek gods each blessed her with different powers: Demeter with strength, Aphrodite with beauty, Artemis with animal communication, Athena with wisdom and war tactics, Hestia with the lasso-of-truth, and Hermes with speed and flight.
  • Wonder Woman's tiara is so sharp she was able to cut Superman.
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