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The Flash is a superhero that first appeared in DC Comic's Flash Comics #1 in 1940. He was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert.

What are Flash's powers?

Flash has super-speed. This not only enables him to run fast, but also translates into a number of additional powers. He can think, read, and react at incredible speeds. Also, he can vibrate at such a speed he can walk through walls. Super-speed makes Flash super-powerful!

Who is his alter ego and how did Flash get his powers?

There have actually been several Flash's over the years each with a different alter ego. There are four main alter egos listed here:

  • Jay Garrick - The original Flash Jay Garrick got his powers by inhaling heavy water vapors after falling asleep in his science lab. He first used his powers to become a star football player. Who can blame him?! Then later he began to use his powers to fight crime.
  • Barry Allen - Barry Allen is a police scientist. He got his powers when a lightning bolt hit his lab and splashed a number of chemicals on him. Becoming Flash was ironic as Barry was slow, methodical, and often late prior to gaining his powers.
  • Wally West - Wally got his powers at the young age of ten when he visited his uncle's laboratory (Uncle Barry Allen who was already Flash). He got some chemicals on him and gained the power of super-speed. Maybe we all should check out this lab! Since he was so young he became Kid Flash. Later on he would take over the role of his uncle as Flash.
  • Bart Allen - Bart is Barry Allen's grandson. He was born with Super-speed, but also fast aging causing him to appear twelve when he was only two years old. Once he got his aging under control he became Impulse. He would later become Kid Flash and finally Flash once he had grown up.
Who are the Flash's main enemies?

The main enemies of the Flash are called The Rogues. They are lead by Flash's archenemy, Captain Cold. Captain Cold has a freeze gun that could freeze and, therefore, stop or slow down Flash. Other members of The Rogues including Mirror Master, Pied Piper, The Trickster, Double Down, and Heat Wave.

Fun Facts about Flash
  • The Flash is good friends with superhero the Green Lantern.
  • He often races Superman to see who is the fastest. It usually ends up in a tie.
  • He can move so fast he can travel in time.
  • His nickname is the Scarlet Speedster.
  • The Flash is able to pass into other dimensions and parallel worlds.
  • Part of his powers includes an invisible aura surrounding him that protects him from air friction when traveling at super speeds.
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