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Shake It Up

Shake It Up is a Disney Channel TV show that debuted in November of 2010. It stars two teenage girls, CeCe and Rocky, who are dancers on a local television dance show Shake It Up Chicago.


Shake It Up takes place in Chicago. The story follows Rocky and CeCe, two thirteen year old girls who are best friends. They become dancers on a local dance TV show called Shake It Up Chicago. Episodes involve the girls dealing with rival dancers (Tinka and Gunther), CeCe's younger brother Flynn, as well as school issues while trying to do their best as dancers on the TV show. Their friendship is often tested, but they pull through together in the end.

Shake It Up Characters (actors in parenthesis)

CeCe Jones (Bella Thorne) - CeCe is one of the main two characters on the show. She loves to dance and wants to be a big star. It's CeCe who pushed Rocky to be on the show with her, but it was Rocky who made the show first. She is the sneaky, ambitious one of the two. CeCe is a nickname for Cecelia.

Rocky Blue (Zendaya) - Rocky is the other main character on Shake It Up. She is the more conservative of the two and doesn't want to take chances. CeCe pushes Rocky to do more, while Rocky tries to keep CeCe out of trouble. Rocky is a nickname for Raquel.

Flynn Jones (Davis Cleveland) - CeCe's younger brother. Is the typical sitcom younger brother who likes to aggravate his older sister.

Ty Blue (Roshon Fegan) - Rocky's older brother. He likes to dance as well, but is too "cool" to dance for Shake It Up Chicago.

Deuce Martinez (Adam Irigoyen) - CeCe and Rocky's friend who has all the good connections.

Gunther Hessenheffer (Kenton Duty) - Together with his sister Tinka, they are dancing rivals to CeCe and Rocky.

Tinka Hessenheffer (Caroline Sunshine) - Gunther's sister. Dancing rivals to the lead characters.

Fun facts about Shake It Up

Overall Review

Shake It Up is a well acted and directed kid's show. It's definitely going to appeal to middle school girls. Our guess is that this is Disney Channel's answer to Hannah Montana going away.

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