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Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is an animated TV show for young kids shown on the Nickelodeon channel. It's a very popular show that follows the adventures of seven year old Dora Marquez. It has been running since August of 2000.


In each episode Dora embarks on a trip to go exploring. She always has a goal which generally involves finding something or helping someone. Along the way she uses her map and asks the viewers to help her on her trip. While traveling, Dora will meet up with her friends, including Boots, her best friend. She'll also run into Swiper, who will try to steal one of Dora's items. If Swiper is successful, then Dora and Boots will have to find the item later. Dora always says "Swiper no Swiping" to Swiper to try and get him not to take her things. While traveling, Dora will ask the viewers for advice on how to move along or pass the next obstacle. She'll also teach them a short Spanish word or phrase.

At the end of the show, Dora and the characters sing the song "We did it". Kid's can have fun singing along, because they helped too. Then Dora will ask the children what their favorite part of the adventure was and will share with them her favorite part.

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