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Pair of Kings

Pair of Kings is a kids TV show sitcom on Disney XD. It stars Michel Musso from Hannah Montana and Doc Shaw from Suite Life on Deck. The show was created by Dan Cross and David Hoge and was first aired on September 10, 2010.


Pair of Kings is the story of twin brothers who suddenly find out they are heirs to the throne of the Island of Kinkou. Before this they were just normal kids growing up in Chicago. Now they need to learn how to rule the island. Many funny situations come about as they try to learn how to be kings. Their main advisor, Mason, along with his daughter, Mikayla, try to help them learn the island culture and how to be good leaders.

On the island the boys have to deal with all sorts of fun (sometimes scary) challenges. These include wild animals, mermaids, volcanoes, strange island rituals, and even a cousin (Lanny) who is always trying to take their throne. They manage to deal with it, though, and make it funny.

Pair of Kings Characters

King Brady - King Brady is played by Michel Musso. Brady is the serious, responsible one of the twins. He wants to be a good king, but gets really nervous at times. He has a crush on Mikayla and this affects his judgment causing some funny situations.

King Boomer - King Boomer is played by Doc Shaw. He's less serious than Brady and likes to kid around. Unlike Brady, Boomer is loaded with confidence and sometimes leaps before he looks. Boomer likes being king, but isn't as worried about being a good king as his brother.

Mason Makoola - Played by actor Geno Segers, Mason is the Royal Secretary and main advisor to the kings. He's a big muscle guy and also helps protect the kings.

Mikayla Makoola - Mikayla is Mason's daughter and is played by actress Kelsey Chow. She wants the best for her country and tries to help the kings out. She's smart and can fight with the best of them.

Prince Lanny - Manny, played by Ryan Ochoa, was going to be king before the twins were found. He still wants to be king and constantly schemes against the boys to get his crown back.

Overall Review

Pair of Kings is a funny kids TV show with a good cast. Middle school kids will like this show as well as older elementary aged kids.

Fun Facts about Pair of Kings

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