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Jonas LA

Jonas LA is a Disney Channel TV show for kids. It's a follow on to an earlier show called Jonas. It's pretty much the same show, but they moved setting to Los Angeles, renamed the show, and added a few new characters. In the show the Jonas Brothers play themselves (well, they changed their last name). They are pop music stars living in Los Angeles and their music plays a large role in the show.


The Jonas Brothers move to LA and their friends Macy and Stella come with them. While living in LA all sorts of crazy, funny things happen to the brothers. Episodes often revolve around one of them meeting a girl, starring in a movie or TV show, or writing a new song. Many shows have a song portion that is similar to a music video.

The Jonas Brothers try to live ordinary lives, but it's never quite possible being pop music stars. However, they do get to live in a Hollywood mansion and tour the world as rock stars, so it's not all bad. During the show you will get a Disney-like glimpse of what it might be like to be a Jonas Brother.

Jonas Brothers TV Show Cast

Jonas LA Characters (actor's names in parenthesis)

Nick Lucas (Nick Jonas) - Nick is the youngest of the brothers. He writes a lot of the songs, lead sings, and plays the drums. He is the more serious and quiet of the three.

Kevin Lucas (Kevin Jonas) - Kevin is the oldest brother and plays guitar in the band. Kevin is the funny goofy one.

Joe Lucas (Joe Jonas) - Joe is the middle brother and lead singer for the band. He's funny and outgoing.

Tom Lucas (John Ducey) - The boy's dad. He looks in on them from time to time and tries to keep them on the right track.

Stella Malone (Chelsea Staub) - Stylist for the band, but also one of their best friends. Stella and Joe like each other.

Macy Misa (Nicole Anderson) - President of the Jonas fan club, Macy has become good friends with Stella, Nick, Joe, and Kevin.

Overall Review

Overall we like Jonas LA as a kids TV show. The show is clever and funny. The original Jonas was very much like old Monkey's shows, but it's changed a bit. The newer version is still funny, but maybe not as quirky now that it's moved to LA. The show has done well winning several Teen Choice Awards. In general, the brothers are nice and good role models as well.

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