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iCarly is a kids TV show on Nickelodeon. It was created by Dan Schneider and first aired on September 8, 2007.


iCarly is based around a web show that teenager Carly Shay films in her attic. In the original episode Carly and her best friend Sam are acting funny during a talent audition at school. Their friend Freddie records it and puts it on the internet. It becomes a hit and people want more. So Carly and Sam, with Freddie as cameraman, host an online show where they do all sorts of different thing each tv episode including skits, have talented guests, interview people, and more.

The web show iCarly is the centerpiece to the show, but it's also about the three friends (Carly, Sam, and Freddie) growing up as teenagers and all the stuff they have to deal with like school and parents. Carly is in a unique situation as well as she is being raised mostly by her older brother, Spenser.

iCarly Characters

Carly Shay - Carly is the main character and is played by actress Miranda Cosgrove. She hosts her own web show called iCarly with her friend Sam. She lives in her brother's loft and tried to keep the peace between her friends Sam and Freddie. Crazy situations arise as she produces her show, but Carly keeps a cool head.

Sam (Samantha) Puckett - Sam, Carly's crazy best friend, is played by actress Jennette McCurdy. Sam gets into all kinds of trouble and can't stop fighting with Carly's other good friend Freddie. But Sam is a great friend and is also great fun on the show.

Freddie Benson - Freddy, played by Nathan Kress, runs the technical part of the iCarly show. He's good friend with Carly and has a crush on her. Freddie and Sam don't get along.

Spenser Shay - Spenser is Carly's older brother and is played by actor Jerry Trainor. Spenser is a funny, whacky dude, but he always watches out for Carly.

Gibby - Gibby is another friend of Carly's. He's played by Noah Munck. Gibby has been a regular character since season 4. Gibby is an offbeat odd character and gets a lot of laughs on the show.

Fun Facts about iCarly

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