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Zeke and Luther

Disney XC TV show

Zeke and Luther is a TV show for kids on Disney XD. The main characters, Zeke and Luther, are best friends. Their main sport and pastime is skateboarding. The show is a teen sitcom and has been renewed for it's third season.


The stories for Zeke and Luther vary, but almost always have something to do with skateboarding. Often the show will center around the boys trying a new stunt or learning a new skateboard trick. Sometimes Zeke and Luther don't get along, but in the end they always stick up for each other. In most episodes Ginger gets involved to bug her older brother Zeke. Kojo is the main antagonist as their rival skateboarders, but they end up friends with him later in the series. The boy's main goal is to become the best skateboarders in the world.

Main characters in Zeke and Luther (actors in parenthesis)

Zeke Falcone (Hutch Dano) - Many of the episodes start and end with Zeke. Zeke is the more serious of the two friends and generally has a plan for what they need to do next to advance their skateboarding career. He is the older brother to Ginger.

Luther Waffles (Adam Hicks) - Luther is the goofy, not so bright, main character. He has all sorts of silly habits and quirks. Luther has a tough time in school, too. He is goofy, but not a nerd.

Ginger Falcone(Ryan Newman) - Ginger is Zeke's younger sister. She is smart and, like many sitcom younger sisters, likes to bug her older brother.

Kojo Jonesworth (Dan Curtis Lee) - Kojo is another good skateboarder in town. He is both rival and friends with Zeke and Luther.

Ozzie Kepphart (Nate Hartley) - Ozzie is the nerd on the show. He's friends with Zeke and Luther.

Overall Review

Zeke and Luther is a fun show for kids. It's not our favorite kids TV show out there, but we can see that 9-13 year old boys will really like the show. It's silly and lighthearted and has a lot of skateboarding. Enough said.

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