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Baseball: The Pitcher

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The pitcher is the most important player in the game and will have the most impact on whether a team wins or loses. The pitcher, along with the catcher, is involved in every play.

To be a good pitcher you need to have a strong arm and be able to throw the ball accurately. If you can't throw strikes, you will have a tough time pitching.

Pitching Strategy and Tips

The main pitching strategy when you first start pitching is to throw strikes. Walking players and past balls will generally hurt you more than giving up hits. If you can throw strikes you will have a good chance at success in youth baseball.

Once you can throw strikes, here are some other things to work on:
Protecting Your Arm

It is important to not pitch too much when you are young. You can ruin your arm. Often the top youth pitchers will feel pressure to pitch a lot because their team needs them. They may even play on multiple teams. Parents need to protect their children by making sure they are not pitching too often and for too long.

Mentally Tough

Pitchers need to be mentally tough. Even the best pitchers go through tough times, but the mentally tough ones will be able to forget about it, keep their concentration, and continue to pitch their best. This is definitely not as easy as it sounds. Many pitchers in the major leagues fall apart when they are rocked for a grand slam or walk in a run. However, if you can learn to forget about that last bad pitch and focus on the next good one, you will be a much better pitcher.

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Pitching Roles

In the higher levels of play, like the major leagues, many pitchers have specific roles they play in a game. Here are some of those roles:
Famous Baseball Pitchers

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