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Many people enjoy keeping score during a baseball game. Keeping score involves using a score card to write down what occurred on each at bat. This includes which players were involved on defense when an out is made, whether a player reached first due to a walk or a base hit, stolen bases, and more. Keeping score can be fun and keep you involved in the details of the game.

The Scorecard

The first thing you need is a scorecard. The program for the baseball game will have a scorecard. You can also buy a book of generic scorecards or download them from the internet and print them out. You use two scorecards during a game; one for each team.

There are usually four main areas on the scorecard: Player Position Numbers

One of the things you need to know for scoring the game is the player position numbers. Each position has a number as well as a standard abbreviation:

1. Pitcher (P)
2. Catcher (C)
3. First baseman (1B)
4. Second baseman (2B)
5. Third baseman (3B)
6. Shortstop (SS)
7. Left fielder (LF)
8. Center fielder (CF)
9. Right fielder (RF)

So the shortstop, for example, can also be referred to as "6" or "SS".

Recording an Out

When a player gets out you need to record that in the main scoring area. You write it under the inning and next to the player who is out. There are a number of ways a player can get out: Each time an out is made during an inning write the number of the out (1,2,3) circled in the bottom left of the player's box. At the end of the inning, put a slash at the bottom right of the last player to get out.

When a Player Reaches Base Safely

When a player reaches a base safely, you draw a line to that base. If they hit a single you write 1B, a double 2B, and a triple 3B. For a home run, draw in the entire diamond and write HR in the middle.

Other Notations
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