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One of the most fun parts of playing baseball is hitting. To become a good hitter, you need to practice, but you also need to practice the correct fundamentals. These include keeping your eye on the ball, using the proper stance, and making a good swing.

Eye on the Ball

In order to hit the ball, you need to see the ball. This sounds simple, but with all the distractions going on in a game, it's not always easy. Try to watch the ball all the way from the pitcher's hand to your bat. Focus entirely on the ball. Try and see if you can tell which way the ball is spinning.

Hitting Stance

There is no perfect stance for hitting a baseball. If you watch professional baseball players, you will see a number of different batting stances. However, there are some good general rules that should help young players have more success at the plate:

(for right handed hitter) The most important thing is that the batter is relaxed, focused, and confident. Work on your stance during practice, but focus on the ball and hitting during a game.

The Swing Run!

Once you have hit the ball run as fast as you can toward first base. Don't watch the ball. Run!

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