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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History is the most visited of the Smithsonian Museums. It can be fun place for a family to explore and learn. It is located on the Washington DC National Mall not too far down from the Washington Monument in the direct of the Capitol Building.

You can spend a long time here if you want to look and read every exhibit. When traveling with kids you can also go through this fairly quickly taking in the highlights like the elephant in the main entrance, the dinosaurs, the animals, and some of the more impressive gems and meteorites.

Some of our favorite exhibits for kids

Dinosaur Hall

Kids are truly amazed to see actual dinosaur fossils. There are a number of complete dinosaur skeletons. Models of dinosaurs are included as well so you can see what they actually may have looked like and just how big they were. Tyrannosaurus Rex is included and can be a site to see and a highlight for kids.

Mammal Hall

See models of all sorts of mammals here. Can the kids find their favorite? Learn what makes a mammal and where different mammals live.

Hall of Geology, Gems, and Minerals

Very cool collection of valuable gems including famous "rocks" like the Hope Diamond. A large collection of meteorites is included as well.

Insect Zoo

See different habitats of insects. This is a live insect zoo.

Ocean Hall

See a model of a full size giant squid and whale (45 feet long).

Discovery Room

A great place for families and kids to get some hands one interaction with real scientists.


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