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Kids and Family Vacation Ideas

There are some great places for kids to take their parents on vacation. Here are some of our favorites including reviews. Many of these vacations have been experienced by Ducksters staff members with great success.

Some of our vacation ideas may be more suitable to certain families depending on their kid's ages. We hope these ideas help you out and you get go on a great and memorable vacation soon. These are just our ideas and experiences, please do your own research before you leave for vacation. Some things may have changed over time.

Washington DC - Take the family to see the capitol of the United States. See the Smithsonian museums, the White House, and the national monuments.

New York City - Visit this great city and explore all it has to offer from the Empire State Building to shopping to the Statue of Liberty.

Myrtle Beach - A great beach and a lot more make for a fun family vacation.

California - There is so much to see in California from cities like San Diego, San Francisco, and LA to beaches to Yosemite and more.

Disney World - Maybe the preeminent family vacation, going to Disney World in Orlando can be magical adventure.

Copenhagen, Denmark - The happiest place on earth. Take the family to see Tivoli, the canals, castles, and more.

Niagara Falls - A wonder of nature and other fun stuff for the kids to do.

Atlanta - A great southern city with lots of fun things to do including the Coke Museum, Georgia Aquarium, Stone Mountain, and Six Flags.

Eastern Virginia - A historic area of the country with educational and fun sites to visit.

Colonial Williamsburg - A great place for the fun family to learn about colonial America.

Jamestown Settlement - The first permanent English Settlement in America can be a fun and educational place for both kids and parents.

National Parks - There are many National Parks that are worth traveling to with the family. Some of our favorites include Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Carlsbad Caverns, and the Grand Canyon.

What makes a fun vacation?

Here are some of our criteria for what makes a great family vacation:

Fun - most of all a family vacation must be fun. An enjoyable fun experience is what makes for great family memories. This makes fun our most important ingredient to a family vacation. Of course, different members of the family will have different ideas of what is fun. So a key part of making a family vacation fun is variety. Something for everyone. Yes, even the parents need to have fun!

Different - We like to do different things. Going to beach is great, but if that's all you do, the memories and uniqueness of the vacation is going to fade over time. Going to different places, experiencing different things, can be a key ingredient to having great family vacations.

Educational - OUCH! Did we say that? Well, yes. Vacations and travel can be a form of education. Kids and family can learn about different cultures, history, people, places, geography…..and it can all still meet our number 1 criteria, fun! We promise.

Economical - This will vary according to your financial situation. What seems economical to one family, may not be to another. But we try to keep our family vacation ideas within reason. No $20k cruises or $30k safaris included here (although that does sound pretty good).

Together - We like family vacations that are experienced together. To go someplace and then split up only to see each other a week later, hardly counts as a family vacation.

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