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Family Vacations and Reviews

Eastern Virginia

The coast of eastern Virginia can be a great place to take a family vacation. There are lots of things to do and places to go that are great for all ages. You can center your vacation around the beach at Virginia Beach, Busch Gardens theme park, or the many historic sites such as Colonial Williamsburg.

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg can be a whole lot of fun for the family as well as educational. This town has been restored to serve as a living-history museum of Colonial America prior to the American Revolution. There are live actors in costume throughout the city that represent different people from the time. You can visit the lavish Governor's Palace, see how artisans such as the wheelwright and wigmaker worked, visit an authentic tavern, or go on a walking tour.

Learn more about Colonial Williamsburg here.

Jamestown Settlement

Just up the road from Williamsburg is the Jamestown Settlement. This is a living-history museum of the first permanent English settlement in North America. At the settlement you can visit James Fort (where the settlers lived), a Native American Powhatan village, and climb aboard the three ships the settlers sailed on to America. There are actors in costume ready to answer your questions including the Jamestown leader, John Smith. If you want to see the actual archeological digs of the original Jamestown you can visit Historic Jamestown which is right next to the Jamestown Settlement.

Learn more about the Jamestown Settlement here.

Yorktown Victory Center

The third part of east Virginia's historic triangle is the Yorktown Victory Center. It's around a 20 minute drive from Jamestown. Here you can go through an American Revolution museum, visit a Continental Army camp, and explore a 1780's tobacco farm. You can also visit the actual Yorktown Battlefield where the Revolutionary War came to an end. The Yorktown Battlefield park is run by the National Parks Service and is different from the Yorktown Victory Center.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is an excellent beach for the family. Many of the hotels are right on the water and there is a fun boardwalk to walk along where you can see the famous King Neptune statue. While the beach is the main attraction, there are other things to do as well such as water activities, the Atlantic Fun Park, plenty of good restaurants, and the Virginia Aquarium.

Busch Gardens

Right in the modern city of Williamsburg is the Busch Gardens theme park. The park has a wide variety of rides and attractions. There are plenty of rides for the little kids as well as thrilling roller coasters for the teens and older kids. You'll find lots of family friendly shows too such as our favorite, Pet Shenanigans. Be sure to check before you go to see what shows are currently playing and what rides are open.

Other Attractions

Other attractions in the area include Water Country water park, the Mariners' Museum, Marine Science Museum, Virginia Aquarium, Old Cape Henry Lighthouse, and Mount Trashmore Park.

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