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Niagara Falls Review

A short vacation to Niagara Falls can be a fun family trip. Of course the best thing about Niagara is the falls themselves. They are truly awesome and something worth seeing. There is an American side and a Canadian side of the falls. We visited the Canadian side as there seemed more to do for the family. On the Canadian side you can walk along the edge of the falls and through the various parks to get great views of both the major falls; American Falls and Canadian Falls (also called Horseshoe Falls). You can get fairly close up to the edge of the Horseshoe Falls via the main walkway and watch the water tumble over the cliff.

In addition to the falls, there are many other attractions and things to do at Niagara. Here are some reviews of these other activities:

Maid of the Mist

The Maid of the Mist is a boat ride that takes you almost directly under the Horseshoe Falls. You get a poncho to try and keep dry, but it's best to plan on getting wet. Also, the water is cold! However, this was our favorite part of the trip. You can feel the power of the falls from the boat.

Journey Behind the Falls

Want to see the falls up close? Take an elevator down to observation decks near the bottom of the falls.

Skylon Tower

Get a great 360 degree view from 775 feet above Naigara falls. There is an indoor and outdoor observation deck and you get to take an outside elevator to the top. Even a restaurant on top if you get hungry.

Clifton Hill

This is the most touristy part of Niagara Falls. There are all sorts of things to do including a giant skywheel ride, bowling, shopping, restaurants, a wax museum, haunted houses, Marineland, Ripley's museum, game arcades, and more.

Indoor Water Park

Fallsview Indoor Water Park is great fun and pretty impressive for an indoor park. They have 16 slides and a wave pool. There is a smaller area with slides and activities for younger kids.

Where to stay

On the Canadian side there are a number of hotel options. One option is to stay at the top of one of the taller hotels and get a view right down into the falls. This is a lot of fun. Another option is to stay closer to the water park and Clifton Hill.

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