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Shopping on a Family Vacation to New York City

Shopping can be a great part of a family vacation in New York City, even if you don't buy anything. There are some great stores that are unique to the city and are fun just to tour through. Of course, you may want to buy something as well.

Below we have reviewed some of our favorite stores for taking the kids shopping in New York City:

FAO Schwarz - Located at 5th Avenue and 85th Street, this FAO Schwarz is one of the more famous toy stores in the world and is a great place to visit with the kids. If you can get there at the opening (check their schedule), they have a fun opening ceremony which is worth seeing. FAO has a large variety of unique toys. There are different special areas in the store including the Muppet Workshop, Styled by Me Barbie, and the Alexander Doll Factory. You'll also get to see the famous giant piano keys made famous in the movie Big.

American Girl Doll Place - There are only a few of these special stores in the world and one of them is New York. If your daughter likes American Girl Dolls, you will want to make a stop here. There is more than just shopping as there is a photo studio and a doll hair salon. Located at 5th Avenue and 49th Street.

Hershey's Store - At Time's Square you will find the Hershey's store New York. A fun place to go, kids can make their own personalized chocolate kisses or make their own personal mix of candy.

Nintendo World Store - Located at 10 Rockefeller Plaza, the Nintendo World Store is a great place for kids who like video games. Try out the latest and greatest games on large screen TVs.

Build-a-Bear Workshop - Kids can build their own New York style stuffed animal and choose from costumes including the NY Yankees, NYPD, NYFD, and the Statue of Liberty. Located at 5th Avenue and 46th.

Toys R Us in Times Square - Not your average Toys R Us, this store is New York sized for kids and families to enjoy. There is a 34 foot T-Rex, giant Lego exhibits, a huge ferris wheel, and a two story Barbie play house.

Disney Store Time Square - The largest of the Disney Stores, your kids will want to see this store. They can create their own Cars, like from the Pixar movie, or get a picture with the 20 foot high Princess Castle.

Apple Store - At 5th Avenue and 58th Street you'll find one of the coolest looking store entrances ever; the Apple Store cube. Take the stairs down and check out the latest Apple has to offer.

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