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Collecting Barbie Dolls is a favorite pastime of many women and girls throughout the world. Since Barbie's introduction at the American International Toy Fair in 1959, she has become the most popular doll in the

Most collectors of Barbie Dolls collect the dolls just for fun. Often they collect specific dolls that they personally like or think are unique. There are some serious collectors, however, who have hundreds of dolls, spend thousands of dollars each year, and look at their collection as more of an investment that a collection of toys.

Collecting Barbie Dolls

The Story of Barbie

The History of the Barbie Doll

Barbie Doll Definitions and Terms

Many Barbie collectors also collect items other than the dolls. Many collections include various items of Barbie's giant wardrobe of fashion designer clothes. You can also collect from Barbie's array of pets, vehicles, furniture, and homes.

If you become a serious collector of Barbie dolls, you will likely want to join a Barbie collector's club and visit a Barbie collector's convention. You will also want to educate yourself on how Barbie dolls and other Barbie merchandise are classified and rated. The more you know about Barbie, her merchandise, and her history, the better equipped you will be to grow your collection and to know what kind of collection you want to build.

Whichever type of collector you become; casual, serious, or somewhere in between, Barbie dolls can be a fun and interesting hobby for girls and women of all ages.

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