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Most Barbie's are purchased at your local toy store, Walmart, or Target. These are the latest Barbie Dolls and are usually available at a good price. This is a good place to start building your collection.

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Another good place to get Barbie Dolls when your first starting out is to ask your mom, grandma, and aunts if they have any Barbie's that you can have. This is a good way to get some vintage Barbies that have some special meaning to you because of their family history. Also, be sure to write down any history of these dolls. When they got the doll, who they got it from, etc. This is great stuff to keep with your collection so you can remember later where the doll came from and a bit about it's past.

If you get more serious about collecting Barbie Dolls and there are specific Barbie's you want for you collection, you can start to look into online auction sites or dealers that will have Barbie's of all sorts available. Be sure to have your mom and dad help you when going on line and to get their permission before you do anything on line.

Besides just collecting the Dolls, you will also likely get into collecting other types of Barbie Merchandise. Barbie has had all sorts of cool stuff that have gone along with her dolls. This includes houses, cars, planes, pets (Barbie has had over 30 pets including a panda bear and a zebra!), and more. There are also Barbie books, movies, and video games. Of course, don't forget the outfits. Barbie may have the largest wardrobe of any doll, person, or fictional character ever alive. So, collecting Barbie Dolls can be a lot more than just the dolls and can get as interesting and specific as you want.

Mattel sells some special Barbie dolls for collectors that are divided up into four different categories: Pink Label, Silver Label, Gold Label, and Platinum Label.

The Pink Label dolls are considered keepsake dolls and come in a pink box.

The Silver Label dolls are sold only at select retailers and feature classic Barbie themes. Mattel commits that they will never make more than 50,000 of the Silver Label dolls.

The Gold Label Dolls are similar to the Silver Label, but Mattel won't make more than 25,000 dolls.

The Platinum Label dolls are the rarest and most unique of the collector's edition dolls. Mattel will never make more than 1000 of these dolls. Some Platinum Label dolls are very rare and a few are one-of-a-kind dolls meaning there was only one doll of that specific type ever made.

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