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Here are some basic terms that any Barbie doll collector should be familiar with:

A/O - A common collector term meaning All original. This means the Barbie doll is exactly as it came from the factory with no changes or fixes.

Barbara Millicent Roberts - Barbie's full name.

Book Value - A collector's term meaning the value of an item, or doll, in a price book.

Collector Edition Barbies - These are special Barbie dolls that have been designed for collectors.

Customized Barbies - Barbie dolls designed and manufactured for a specific store. For example Walmart or Target may have a specific Barbie doll designed for sale just in their store for a special occasion. Also called a Department Store Special.

Deboxing - Taking the Barbie Doll out of the box. The doll will no longer be classified as NRFB.

Limited Edition Barbies - These special Barbie dolls are dolls that were made in limited quantities. Often these dolls were only available only from specific retail stores. These Barbie dolls often have higher quality materials and may be better made than regular Barbie dolls.

Market Value - The price you can actually sell an item or Barbie doll.

Modern Barbie - Barbie dolls that were made after 1972.

MIB - Doll collector's term meaning Mint In Box. This describes a Barbie doll that has its box and is in its original condition, but has been taken out of the box or the box has been opened.

NRFB - Doll Collector's term standing for Never Removed From Box. Just like it sounds, this is a doll that is in perfect condition and is still in the original unopened box.

One-Of-A-Kind - A Barbie doll that has been customized by an artist and is the only one of its kind.

OSS Barbie - Stands for original swimsuit.

Ponytail Barbie - Barbie dolls with the original topknot ponytail hairdo. The first Barbie dolls made were Ponytails.

There are five different types of Ponytail Barbie dolls all designated by the number in which they were introduced so Ponytail #1 was the first Barbie made. Ponytail #2 was just like the first Barbie, but they removed the holes from her feet. #3 changed Barbie's white irises to blue and smoothed out her eyebrows. #4 used a new material for her body that wouldn't change color. The #5 Ponytail Barbie got a new type of hair material and a hollow, lighter body.

Retail - Barbie dolls that are currently being manufactured and sold by Mattel.

Timeless Treasures Barbie - A Collector's Edition line of Barbies featuring both character dolls and celebrities.

TNT Barbie - TNT stands for Twist 'N Turn waist. In 1967 Barbie dolls began to have a waist joint that allowed them to turn.

Vintage Barbie - Barbie dolls made in 1972 and before.

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