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Barbie has a fun fictional biography that has developed over time. Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Over the years Barbie has developed a family, made lots of friends, and had numerous careers.

Barbie gets married

Barbie's first family member was her sister Skipper. Later, Barbie would gain a twin brother and sister named Tuttie (later to be named Stacey) and Todd, a younger sister named Kelly and a baby sister named Krissy. That's 4 sisters and a brother, so Barbie comes from a pretty big family. Barbie also has two cousins, Jazzie and Francie.

Barbie also is a very friendly doll with lots of friends. She has had over 30 different friends throughout the years. Perhaps Barbie's most famous friend is her boyfriend, Ken. Ken was introduced in 1961 just a few years after Barbie. Barbie's best friend is Midge. Some of Barbie's other good friends are Teresa, Christie, Steven, and Kayla. Barbie also gained friends in the celebrity world including Cher, Twiggy, and Diahann Carroll.

Barbie's birthday is March 9th and her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. She went to High School at the Manhattan International High School in New York City and also high school in Willows, Wisconsin. Barbie started out as a teenage fashion model. She enjoyed the designer clothes and the stylish hairdo's that came along with the career. Later Barbie would get more involved in activities such as swimming, gymnastics, and horse riding.

Barbie is very well-rounded and has tried a number of different career paths. She has her pilot's license and has worked as both a flight attendant and an astronaut. Barbie has been an officer in each of the United States Military Branches. In the medical field, Barbie has been a doctor, a dentist, a veterinarian, and a nurse. Barbie has taken on various jobs in the entertainment field such as rock star, movie star, ballerina, and has even been an American Idol contestant.

Barbie likes to drive and was once a NASCAR driver. She especially likes convertible cars with pink being her favorite color. She's had vans, trailers, busses, and motorcycles.

Another favorite of Barbie's is animals. She has had well over 30 pets. Some of her favorites include dogs, cats, and horses; but she's also had some interesting pets like a lion, a zebra, and a panda bear.

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