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Football: The Secondary

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The last line of defense in football is the secondary. The secondary covers receivers downfield and tackles running backs who make it past the linebackers. Players in the secondary are generally small, but very fast.

Skills Needed Secondary Positions Pass Coverage

One strategy to pass coverage is the bump-and-run. This is where the cornerback will try to block or disrupt the wide receiver at the line of scrimmage. He can only do this within the first 5 yards and cannot hold on to the receiver. The advantage of bump-and-run is that it can slow down and disrupt the timing and route pattern of the receiver. The disadvantage is that, if the receiver can avoid the bump, then he may get by the cornerback for a long play.

Cover 2

One popular defense in the NFL is the Cover 2. This is a type of zone defense where the deep part of the field is divided up into two zones each covered by a safety. Later, Tony Dungy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers changed it a bit to have the middle linebacker drop back and cover the deep portion of the middle of the field. This defense is called the Tampa 2.

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