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Extreme: Snowmobile

A snowmobile is a land vehicle that is propelled by one or two rubber tracks, with skis for steering. Snowmobiles are built to be driven on snow and ice, and require no road or trail. They are often large (over 600 pounds), powerful machines and need to be operated by a trained driver.

Snowmobiles are most often used for recreation or for just plain transportation. They are, however, also used in various sports and in extreme conditions. They can achieve high speeds (some can go up to 90 miles per hour), go off jumps, and even run over water for short periods (not recommended).

Snowmobile racers in the mountains
Source: US Army
Safety First! Snowmobiles are not for young kids. They are big, powerful machines and can be very dangerous. You need to be trained and have your parents with you. The age requirement for driving a snowmobile is different for each state. Make sure you are old enough and understand the laws.

When riding a snowmobile safety should be your first consideration. The open air and speed of the snowmobile can be exciting, but it also can be dangerous. It is east to get thrown from a snowmobile and it also can be difficult to get snowmobile to stop, especially when on the ice. All snowmobile riders should wear a helmet, goggles, gloves, and other protective winter clothing. Frostbite can be easy to get as the high speeds and wind can cause a very cold wind chill.

Competitive snowmobiling

In the world of competitive snowmobiling, there are 2 main snowmobile events in the X Games:

HillCross - A fun to watch competition where riders race up a hill. It is similar to Snowboarder X or Skier X.

SnoCross - A snowmobile race where the track is part oval, part cross country. It is sometimes called NASCAR on the snow. Multiple racers race at the same time and the leaders advance to the next heat

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