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Extreme: MotoX Motocross

Motocross is a combination of motorcycle racing and cross country racing. It's often called MotoX or MX.

Rider taking jump in motocross
Source: US Army
Motocross Equipment

Motocross racers use lightweight motorcycles designed for off road terrain and rough riding. These bikes have major suspensions to allow riders to go over bumps at full speed and to take multiple jumps. The motorcycles are usually divided up into major 2 classes, 4 stroke and 2 stroke, based on the type of engine. There are different classes within the major classes that are based on the size of the bike and the size of the engine with some classes specifically designed for youth racing.

Safety equipment and training are very important when starting out in motocross whether in racing or just recreational. Motocross riders should wear helmets, goggles, chest protector, knee pads, elbow pads, a kidney belt, durable pants and jerseys, and a mouth guard. All of these items should fit well and be in good repair. Also, just as important to safety is the motocross machine itself. The motorcycle should be in good repair including the tires, suspension, brakes, and all other equipment. It should be tested and inspected before racing. Also, the motorcycle should be of the right size for the rider. The correct size of the motorcycle is very important with youth motocross riders.

Motocross racing can be very exciting. Typically there are a number of racers, up to 40, that start out bunched up and start out at the same time. The speed, passing, jumps, and even crashes can be very exciting for spectators.

In Motocross racing there are two major series of racers; the American Motocross Championship and the World Motocross Championship. There is also Supercross which is a form of indoor motocross racing with lots of manmade jumps.

X Games Moto X

The X Games has become one of the premier events for Moto X. There are 4 competitive motocross events at the X Games including Best Trick, Freestyle, Step Up, and Supermoto. In 2006 one of the most memorable tricks ever was a double back flip performed by Travis Pastrana. Best Trick and Freestyle Moto X are judged events that involve performing tricks off of jumps. Supermoto is a racing event. Step up Moto X involves jumping the motorcycle over a bar and trying to get the highest jump.

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