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Extreme: Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a freestyle sport where the limits are only imposed by the imagination and athletic ability of the athlete. Most skateboarding is done for recreation either on streets or at a skateboard park. There is competitive skateboarding where the winner is determined by a points system determined by judges.

Skateboarder doing trick in the air after jump
Source: US Army
There are all levels of difficulty of skateboard tricks.

At the very basic skateboarders should first learn how to stand on the board. Then ride down a short gradual slope learning how to stop. From there beginners should learn how to stand on the skateboard with one foot and push with the other and to turn the skateboard by leaning (called carving). Next is the more difficult kick turn.

More difficult skateboard tricks include:

The Ollie: The first real trick that any skateboarder should learn. It will lead to more and more exciting and difficult tricks. The Ollie is where the skateboarder will push down on the back of the skateboard while controlling the upward movement of the front of the board with the front foot. This will cause the rider to lift into the air along with the skateboard. It takes lots of practice, but is key to performing more difficult skateboard tricks

The Flip Trick: The flip trick is similar to the Ollie, but is where the board is flipped different ways. There are different types of flip tricks depending on how you flip the skateboard including kickflip, backside flip, and heelflip.

Grinds: When the skateboarder ollies up onto an edge like a handrail or bench and then slides along on the trucks of the skateboard.

Aerials: When the skateboarder gets into the air off a half pipe or ramp and then performs a trick in the air like a twist or flip.

As with any extreme sport, skateboard safety should be considered first. Always inspect your pads, helmet, and skateboard prior to skating. Work your way up to more difficult tricks and get professional training where needed.

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