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Extreme: In-line Skating

Inline skating has become a very popular recreational sport. It can be great for exorcize, but also is a fun extreme sport for tricks, stunts, and jumps. It is similar to skateboarding in many respects, but with skates instead of the skateboard. Inline skating is also called rollerbladeing and the skates are often called rollerblades.

Inline Skating Equipment

The skates are the main piece of equipment. Inline skates typically have 4 to 5 wheels all in a single line (thus the name inline skates). They usually have a heal stop on the back of the skate to help the skater stop. Safety equipment is also very important to the inline skater. You should always wear a helmet and knee and elbow pads.

Learning out to Inline Skate

The first thing any inline skater needs to learn is how to stand correctly. You should have your hands out in front of you while keeping your arms and your knees bent. Your body should be bent forward a little so that your weight is on the balls of your feet. Always stay relaxed and keep your center of gravity over your skates.

Next you need to learn how to stop. You stop by using the heal stops on the back of the inline skates. Put one skate slightly ahead of the other and lift the toe. Now press the skates heal stop to the ground to stop. Now you can learn how to turn by applying pressure on the outside edge of the inline skate in the direction you want to turn. Also turn your hands and body in that direction. The next step is to start striding or pushing your self forward with one skate.

Keep practicing and you will be inline skating before you know it.

Competitive Inline Skating

Inline skating was once a very popular sport and was included in the ESPN X Games. It was recently dropped from the X Games. There are still many inline skating events around the country and world including racing, aggressive or trick skating, free skating, and some tube or vert skating.

It is possible that inline skating may be added as an event in the future.

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