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An archive if past kids news on video games and sports

See below for all of our old news stories about sports, games, and video games. These are dated and old, but may be used for reference or information. Each story was previously the featured news story on our main page. These stories are shown the most recent first.

Super Bowl Fun Facts and Records

The St. Louis Cardinals win the 2011 World Series

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Coming to the Wii Console

USA Women's Soccer Team Goes to 2011 World Cup Finals

Dallas Mavericks Win the 2011 NBA Basketball Championship

Nintendo 3DS coming March 27, 2010

Computer versus Humans on Jeopardy Game Show

Green Bay Packers Win Super Bowl XLV

Super Scribblenauts is released by Nintendo for the DS

The Philadelphia Phillies win the baseball World Series 4-3

Lego Indiana Jones Game Coming this Summer

Poll Results for Kid's Favorite Team Sport

New "High School Musical" DVD Board Game

Lego Star Wars II: The original Trilogy video game

Three Little Pigs Go On Exibit at the San Diego Zoo

Lego introduces new MindStorms NXT Robots

Top 10 Selling Video Games in 2005

Disneyland opens new ride Monsters, Inc. Mike Sulley to the Rescue!

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