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February 10, 2011

Green Bay Packers Win Super Bowl XLV

The Green Bay Packers held onto their lead to win Super Bowl XLV (45) over the Pittsburg Steelers 31-25. It was an exciting game that came down to the final drive by Pittsburg with less than two minutes of time left. Green Bay's defense held off the Pittsburg offense and quarterback Ben Rothlisberger, preserving their lead and giving them the Super Bowl victory.

The game was full of exciting moments including an interception and 37 yard scamper for a touchdown by Green Bay's Nick Collins late in the first quarter. This may have been the key play of the game. Pittsburg never seemed to quite come back from this turnover. A last minute touchdown at the end of the first half on a throw by Rothlisberger to Hines Ward kept Pittsburg in the game and gave their fans some hope during halftime.

The third quarter was all Pittsburg. Rashard Mendenhall scored the only touchdown and Green Bay's lead was down to four points 21-17. However, Green Bay and their quarterback Aaron Rogers took back control in the fourth quarter to close out the game with the 31-25 win.

Aaron Rogers, quarterback for the Packers, was voted the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the game. He was 24/29 passing for 304 yards and 3 touch downs. Perhaps his most important statistic was no interceptions. Pittsburg threw for 2 interceptions and had 1 fumble. Their three turnovers versus Green Bay's zero turnovers were the main difference in the game.

The Green Bay Packers had to overcome some major injuries during the game. They lost defensive leader Charles Woodson and key receiver Donald Driver to injuries early in the game. Overcoming injuries is nothing new to the Packers, however. Their team was riddled with injuries throughout the year including losing their starting running back and tight end early in the season.

Although the Packers were the best team at the end of the season, they had to work hard just to get into the playoffs. They had to win their last two games to qualify as a wildcard team and were seeded as the sixth best team in the playoffs. They also had the second youngest team in the NFL. In the end, though, they were the last team standing and were able to bring the Lombardi Trophy home (the NFL champion's trophy that's actually named after Vince Lombardi, a past Packer coach).

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