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October 29, 2011

The St. Louis Cardinals win the 2011 World Series

In an exciting game seven on October 28, 2011 the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series over the Texas Rangers. They won the seventh and deciding game at home with a score of 6-2. Many baseball experts are now saying that this year's World Series was one of the greatest in the history of baseball. There were many great games and comebacks.

Classic Game Six

Perhaps the most notable game was game six. A game that many are saying was the greatest, or at least the most exciting, in the history of baseball. During game six, the Cardinals had to came back twice from being behind by two runs late in the game. One time in the ninth inning and again in the tenth inning. Twice the Rangers were one strike away from winning the World Series, only to see the Cardinals stay alive.

The hero of game six was David Freese. First he got a hit with two outs and two strikes in the ninth inning to tie up the game. Then he hit a home run in the bottom of the eleventh inning to win the game. Freese also won the MVP for the series.

Game 3 and Albert Pujols

Game three was another exciting game. Twenty-three runs were scored as the Cardinals won 16 - 7. The star of game three was Albert Pujols. Albert has been one of the best hitters in baseball for the past several years. He showed it on the night of game three by hitting three home runs, plus two singles and six RBIs. The only other players to hit three home runs in a World Series game are Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth.

Disappointed Rangers

The Rangers played hard in the series and managed to take the series to a game seven despite having injuries to key players such as Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, and Mike Napoli. The Texas Rangers made it to the World Series in 2010 as well where they lost to the San Francisco Giants. The Rangers have never won a World Series in franchise history. They have been an MLB franchise since 1961.


1 - Cardinals 3-2
2 - Rangers 2-1
3 - Cardinals 16-7
4 - Rangers 4-0
5 - Rangers 4-2
6 - Cardinals 10-9
7 - Cardinals 6-2

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