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April 20, 2007

Poll Results for Kid's Favorite Team Sport

The results of the Favorite Team Sport Poll are in and baseball barely edged out basketball for the win. Baseball had 33% of the votes to be named the most popular team sport with basketball garnering 27% for second place. Soccer was the third most popular team sport with 14% of the vote with football coming in at 10%. All other team sports totaled 13%.

Here are the final tallies:

Baseball - 33%
Basketball - 27%
Football - 10%
Soccer - 14%
Other - 13%

The poll for Favorite Team Sport was Ducksters' most popular poll yet, with literally thousands of kids voting. We're not sure, but it may be that baseball and basketball had an edge in the voting due to the time of year. Most kids were playing basketball at the start of the poll and baseball season was just getting started near the end. So the timing of the poll may have had some influence on voters. The main thing we got out of this poll, however, is that kids love team sports. Baseball and basketball being the most popular team sports with kids, at least for the duration of this poll and for the kids who voted.

So kids, we hope you have fun playing sports, always use good sportsmanship, and keep safe while playing!

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