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March 15, 2011

Nintendo 3DS coming March 27, 2010

Nintendo has announced they are coming out with a 3D version of the DS handheld gaming system. It should be available in stores in the United States on March 27th. It will feature gameplay with 3D graphics and no special 3D glasses will be needed! The Nintendo 3DS will also come with many other new features that are sure to have gamers lining up at the stores to be the first to have one.

The main feature, of course, is the addition of 3D graphics. There are two screens in the 3DS and the top one will be the 3D screen (the bottom being the touch screen). The 3D will give you feeling of depth and space like never seen in a handheld gaming system before. It will appear that the game extends well beyond the back of the screen and will give the game the feeling they are deep within the game. It will also allow the gamer to maneuver and play games with better feel and perspective than ever before. The depth of the 3D can be adjusted and even turned all the way off, if wanted.

Another new and innovative feature is a motion sensor and gyro. Games will now be able to react to the DS being moved back and forth or tilted. Feedback to the game from your movements will add yet another dimension to the game.

Keeping with the 3D theme, this new DS will have a 3D camera. You will be able to take 3 dimensional pictures. In order to do this there are two lenses on the device, similar to two eyes.

Other new features include a 2GB SD card for storing photos and music, a wifi like connection to talk to other Nintendo 3DS' or even a hot spot, an adjustable stylus, and backwards compatibility to all your existing DS and DSi games.

Besides just cool new hardware, the 3DS is also going to come with some new software. One program, called Mii Maker, allows you to take a picture of yourself, or your friends, and make a Mii from it. You just input the picture and the program automatically generates a Mii that looks just like the picture. Fun! An internet browser and music software to play your MP3s should be available too.

New video game titles that are going to be introduced with the Nintendo 3DS include Pro Evolution Soccer 3D, Ridge Racer 3D, nintendogs + cats, Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Madden NFL Football, Super Monkey Ball 3D, and The Sims 3. That's just some of the new game titles.

Initial price in the US looks like it will be $249.99 according to the Nintendo web site.

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