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Madden NFL Football

Madden on your iPhone or iPod touch can be just as fun as it is on the Xbox or Playstation. Especially when you are playing against your friends. The newest version, Madden 11, is a must have for the iPhone or iPod touch.

Game Storyline

There really is no game storyline in this game, or any other Madden video game, unless you count franchise mode. It's just two NFL football teams playing a football game. If you count franchise mode though, this mode takes you through an entire seventeen week season which makes the experience even more real.

Game Play

Madden NFL takes you deep inside the complexity of a football game. Just like in regular football, there are four quarters, four downs, penalties, run, pass, and special teams plays, timeouts, challenges, the list could go on and on and on. You control the player you selected by using a joy stick on the touch screen, and can make them do special abilities by using the timer button.

One new feature in this version of Madden is gameflow. Gameflow is a feature that allows the coach, or the CPU itself, to choose plays for you. Sometimes the plays can be pretty bad, like when they tell you to run on 3rd and 11, but you can choose to opt out of gameflow and choose your plays yourself. I prefer gameflow, even if they choose a bad play because it makes the games a lot quicker than if you choose the plays yourself.

If your buddy has the game on their iPhone or iPod touch, you can connect either over the internet or over Bluetooth to play each other in Madden. It's really fun to put a beat down on your friends in this game.

Game Worlds

The game takes place on a football field (duh?), but really, you play in the home team's stadium. You can set the weather of the area too. You can have it be nearly a hundred degrees outside to a mini blizzard on the football field.

Overall Review

Madden NFL on the iPhone or iPod touch is almost as fun as on the home consoles, and the plus side is that you get to take it with you anywhere. I would give it 9 out of 10. If we don't have football next year, at least we still have Madden.

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