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Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade is one of the prettiest games on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is also one of the deepest and hardest games on the app store. This makes it one of my top 10 picks for games/apps.

Game Storyline

The King of the Gods has killed your father, seek revenge!!! Your job is to try to defeat the king of the God's champions and continue through the castle until you encounter the final challenger. It will be tough, but if you die, your son will have another chance, and another chance, and another chanceā€¦


You: You are a new knight trying to seek revenge on the God King and getting stronger and more powerful along the way. You have complete control of your player, where he goes, what he wears, and who he fights. The experience is fully customizable.

The God King: The God King is the final boss of the whole game; he is easy to get to, but hard to defeat. Once you defeat him you win the game, but the experience isn't over yet.

Game Play

Infinity Blade has a unique style of game play that I have never seen anywhere else. It is all about the fighting. The one level of the game has different stages where you must defeat one of the God King's champions.

Fighting is a hard skill to master. You can defeat an enemy in one of 3 ways, by dodging, parrying, or using your shield. You can dodge left and right to make your opponent miss until you have a striking point. You can attack the same way your opponent is attacking to parry. Or you can just defend yourself with a shield until you see a break.

Game World

The game world (believe it or not) only takes place in one level. Which you have to play again and again until you defeat it. Even after that the only thing that happens is that they make the level harder. The level itself though is beautiful. By far the best graphics on the iPod that I have ever seen. It has even won awards for being the most stunning and beautiful games on the iPod. It is a must have for people who love the retina display.

Overall Review

Besides its one major flaw of only really having one level, this game is phenomenal. The best graphics on the iPod guaranteed. I would recommend it to anyone who has anything apple.

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