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The X-Men were first introduced by Marvel Comics in 1963 in the comic book The X-Men #1. They were created by writers Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. In the X-Men some people have developed mutant powers. The powers differ from person to person depending on their mutation. Some mutants are very powerful with abilities ranging from being able to control the weather to shapeshifting. Much of the human race doesn't understand the mutants and considers them a threat. Just like people without powers, there are good mutants, bad mutants, and those in between.

Who are the X-Men?

The X-Men are a group of mutants formed by Professor Xavier. At his mansion young X-Men can train their powers while the X-Men leaders unite together to do good for humanity. Typically they are trying to defend people from evil mutants. Their arch-enemy is Magneto who has gathered his own group of mutants who believe they are superior to the rest of human race and should rule. Magneto's group of mutants is called the Brotherhood of Mutants.

They get their name from the X-gene they have which is an additional gene from normal humans that gives them their mutant powers.

Main members of the X-Men team
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