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The Flash is a superhero that first appeared in DC Comic's Flash Comics #1 in 1940. He was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert.

What are Flash's powers?

Flash has super-speed. This not only enables him to run fast, but also translates into a number of additional powers. He can think, read, and react at incredible speeds. Also, he can vibrate at such a speed he can walk through walls. Super-speed makes Flash super-powerful!

Who is his alter ego and how did Flash get his powers?

There have actually been several Flash's over the years each with a different alter ego. There are four main alter egos listed here:

Who are the Flash's main enemies?

The main enemies of the Flash are called The Rogues. They are led by Flash's archenemy, Captain Cold. Captain Cold has a freeze gun that could freeze and, therefore, stop or slow down Flash. Other members of The Rogues include Mirror Master, Pied Piper, The Trickster, Double Down, and Heat Wave.

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