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Green Lantern

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The Green Lantern first appeared in DC Comics' July 1940 edition of All-American Comics #16. He was created by Bill Finger and Martin Nodell. In 1941 the Green Lantern gained his own self titled comic book series.

What are the Green Lantern's super powers?

The Green Lantern gains his super powers from his power ring. This ring can do most anything depending on the strength of will of the user and his imagination. The Green Lantern has used this ring to fly, to create a green energy which can be used in a variety of ways, to hypnotize people, to become invisible, to translate languages, to pass through solid objects, to heal, to paralyze enemies, and even to time travel.

The main weakness of the ring lies in the mental strength of the wearer. It also has a weakness against yellow objects, though this can be overcome if the wearer is strong enough.

Where did he get his powers?

The Green Lantern's powers come from his power ring. Power rings are made by the Guardians of the Universe and given only to those they deem most worthy. The original ring was made by Alan Scott who forged it from the metal of a magical green lantern.

Who is the Green Lantern's alter ego?

There have been a number of Green Lantern's. Here are some of the major characters: Who are the Green Lantern's enemies?

The Green Lantern has had a long list of enemies that he has overcome over the years. Some of the most notorious include Parallax, The Gambler, Sportsmaster, Vandal Savage, Puppeteer, Star Sapphire, The Controllers, and Tattooed Man.

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