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Fantastic Four

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The Fantastic Four superheroes were first introduced by Marvel Comics in the November 1961 comic book The Fantastic Four #1. They were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Who are the Fantastic Four?

Although the Fantastic Four have superhero names and alter ego names, they don't bother or attempt to keep their alter ego's secret.

Where did the Fantastic Four get their powers?

The Fantastic Four all got their powers at the same time. They were test pilots or astronauts on an experimental rocket ship. When they were in outer space their ship was bombarded with cosmic radiation. They survive a crash back to earth and discover they now have super powers.

Who are the Fantastic Four's main enemies?

The Fantastic Four have had multiple foes over the years. Some of the most notorious include Doctor Doom, Mole Man, Puppet Master, Klaw, Molecule Man, Red Ghost, and Wizard.

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