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Superman first appeared in DC Comics Action Comics #1 in June 1938. He was written and created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. He is often called the Man of Steel due to his invulnerability powers. The Superman symbol and name has become a part of American culture and can be seen throughout our culture including in songs, as nicknames, to describe people, common sayings, and more.

What are Superman's powers?

Superman's powers include incredible strength, the ability to fly. X-ray vision, super speed, invulnerability to most attacks, super hearing, and super breath. He is nearly unstoppable. However, Superman does have one weakness, Kryptonite. When exposed to this radioactive element from his home planet, he becomes weak and helpless.

Where did he get his powers?

Superman's powers come from the fact that he grew up on another planet, Krypton. It is said that Krypton had higher gravity than Earth making the inhabitants stronger. Also, the light of our yellow sun, versus Krypton's red sun, gives Superman additional powers.

Who is Superman's alter ego?

Superman's alter ego is mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent. He lives in the city of Metropolis and works for the newspaper the Daily Planet. Clark is in love with fellow reporter Lois Lane. He grew up in Kansas after being found as a baby and adopted by a farmer and his wife. His earth family gave Clark strong moral beliefs and ethics to help him stay on the good side and give him the courage to fight evil.

Who are Superman's enemies?

Superman's arch enemy is evil genius Lex Luther. Lex Luther doesn't have any superpowers, but has a sort of super genius enabling him to come up with ways to fight Superman. He uses technology, threatening innocents, henchmen, and Kryptonite as ways of controlling or fighting Superman.

Over the years Superman has had numerous enemies including the Puzzler, Neutron, his cousin Kru-El, Effron the Sorcerer, and the Galactic Golem.

Superman movies

Here is a list of the major Superman movies:
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