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Soccer Rules:
Fouls and Penalties

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Soccer players going after the ball
Source: US Navy
In order to allow players to play the game in a fair manner, the referee can call fouls. The penalty from a foul can vary depending on the type and severity of the foul. Penalties for the most part are up to the discretion of the referee and what they determine to be unfair play. The referee always has the final say. Any arguing with the referee could result in a yellow or red card.

Types of Fouls

The following actions are not allowed in soccer and will result in a foul call:
The free kick is awarded from the spot of the foul, except in the case where it took place in the opponent's penalty box. In that case a penalty kick can be awarded.

Caution (Yellow Card)

The referee can choose to give a caution or yellow card to a player for the following actions: Expulsion (Red Card)

When the referee shows a red card, this means the player has been kicked out of the game. A red card can be given for the following actions:

The Goalkeeper

There are also special rules and fouls regarding the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper can be called for a foul for the following actions:

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